It is no secret to those of us in the mental health field that there is overwhelming evidence to support yoga and exercise as powerful interventions for alleviating symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression. There is robust research that shows that the physical movement associated with exercise and yoga is one of the most effective behavioral health techniques for self-regulation of mood. Yoga and exercise improve mood while at the same time significantly reducing symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

We use a combination of Traditional and Natural Treatment Methods

At Waterford, we are committed to treating the whole person by utilizing both traditional and more natural treatment options that are evidence-based to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. We are dedicated to using a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, supportive psychotherapy, and movement-based therapies, such as yoga and exercise, to help our patients achieve maximum positive treatment benefits.

Yoga and exercise studio

We have created a unique 1500 ft Studio space solely dedicated to the use of movement-based therapies such as exercise, mindful movement, and yoga for our patients. We have fully Licensed clinicians who have special training in both Zumba instruction and yoga, and also a certified personal trainer to supplement traditional psychotherapy with yoga and exercise treatment interventions for our patients.

Yoga Therapy Group (Learn More)

Mindfulness Movement Group (Zumba inspired) (Learn More)

Personal Training (Learn More)

Activity Center (Learn More)

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