Psychological Evaluations and Assessments

Psychological Evaluations and Assessments

In addition to offering routine screening and assessment for most mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, we also offer more comprehensive psychological evaluations for more complicated issues.

If your child struggles with organization and school performance issues, we offer Psychological Testing to assess your child’s learning style and offer practical strategies to deal with the difficulties. Also if your child struggles to pay attention in class, complete homework, demonstrates problems with making and keeping friends or has difficulty managing impulses, we will conduct a thorough evaluation to assess the problem.

A very common issue that we are seeing more of is adults who appear to have ADHD or ADD-like symptoms and are wondering if medication might be helpful. Because of the seriousness of using psychotropic medications, we believe it is important to offer a more comprehensive assessment in order to validate this diagnosis, and offer alternative or adjunctive treatment to medication.

If you are preparing for lap-band, gastric bypass, or plastic surgery we can assist you with the evaluations necessary to move forward with these procedures. Also, if you are preparing for pain treatment surgery, whether it is a trans-cutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS), implanted drug delivery system (IDDS), or spinal cord stimulator (SCS), we can assist you with the psychological evaluation that you will need prior to receiving that procedure. We work with your physician and insurance company to make sure that the proper information is gathered so you can focus on preparing yourself fully for the surgery and the subsequent recovery.

Some of the psychological testing we conduct includes:

  • general mental health screening
  • cognitive testing
  • personality testing
  • bariatric pre-surgery evaluation
  • pain management pre-surgery evaluation

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