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In counseling sessions with Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services, I felt at ease to just be myself as he never tried to judge me or make me feel inferior. My therapist helped me to improve myself by making use of my natural, positive abilities and talents, rather than emphasizing weaknesses or failures. His gentle demeanor, soothing voice, and genuine compassion helped me to feel relaxed, so I could focus more easily on achieving my goals. At the end of each session, I felt invigorated and good about myself with the expectation that I could overcome my challenges.


Seeing my therapist at Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services in regard to several life issues and challenges proved to be very a good and positive investment. My therapist is an attentive listener who astutely counseled me on how to address and resolve many issues that I was struggling with on a daily basis. My therapist provided me with the coping tools to deal with life challenges, helping me to see clearly the route to take to deal with my life’s stressors. I will forever be grateful to a friend for recommending them to me, as receiving counseling at Waterford has certainly been a very positive experience in my life.


My husband and I hit a very hard time in our marriage. We were dealing with the effects of alcoholism head on after years of denial. Through marriage counseling, our therapist taught us healthy ways in which we could communicate with each other as well as how to work through denial. This not only led to the introduction of positive behaviors in our marriage, but it also allowed us to begin healing from the toxic relationship we created over several years. Today, my husband and I continue to utilize the tools and skills that we learned from our therapist at Waterford. We couldn’t be more thankful for the help we received there.


I’ve been visiting Waterford Counseling & Psychological Services on and off for about the last five years. My therapist is an intense listener and very compassionate. He has helped me manage extreme life and work stresses. He has helped my wife and myself in raising our teenage boys and helped my entire family cope with the tragic death of my 7-year-old son. My counselor at Waterford helped to fill voids in my life that no friend, colleague, or family member can ever fill. My counselor provided me with real-world, real-life tools to use and practice in life outside the office. At any time the opportunity presents itself, I do not hesitate to recommend them.


My counselor's compassion along with her expertise in human behavior allowed me to take steps in my life that I could have never done on my own. She was an unwavering advocate who was always very supportive, while at the same time remaining objective in her observations, as she encouraged me to look at all aspects of my situation. She was a steadfast guide who helped me to make decisions that were best for me.


For well over five years, I have felt very comfortable sharing any problems or concerns that may have been troubling me with our therapist, who is a wonderful listener. He is someone I trust. Waterford Counseling & Psychological Services guided me in a positive direction so that once again I am capable of trusting others in both my personal and professional relationships. I have learned how to listen to others which has ultimately improved my interactions with others. I value my conversations with my therapist very much, and look forward to continue to utilize their services in the future.


I went to see Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services during a very difficult and confusing time of my life. My therapist was able to help me clarify my thoughts and feelings and reflect on the path ahead. Every time I went there with a heavy heart, I left feeling a tremendous relief. My therapist is a very kind, sensitive, caring person and a very skilled psychotherapist.


A very special thanks to Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services. You worked miracles in me! Thanks for being so good at your job.


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